Balayage is BIG when it comes to hair color. I don't think I have worked one day in the salon this year that a client hasn't asked me about it. So for all my clients and is the lowdown on balayage...

My most recent balayage beauties

What is it?

The French technique for coloring hair is unique in the fact that the color is painted freehand onto the hair versus adding color in via foils. The effect that most my clients want from balayage is a soft, natural and sun-kissed look to their hair. This technique has been gaining popularity this year but has been around since the 70's so it won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Who is it for?

Balayage is best for my clients who have shoulder length or longer strands, those who love texture (think curls, waves, etc.) when styling their hair and clients who want a lower maintenance color option (unless you are gray and then I will still be seeing you every couple weeks). Celebs like Gisele, Rose Byrne and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been spotted sporting balayaged tresses.

What to expect?

Although balayage is a higher investment initially, it is a lower-maintenance color (meaning you won't have to come in so often compared to foil highlighting techniques). Sometimes I like to combine both foils and balayage for a custom look. Balayage, along with other highlighting techniques, can take several sessions to achieve a drastically lighter look then what you currently have. The end result should be sun-kissed strands and no one gets to be brilliantly blonde after sitting in the sun for a couple hours. Just the same, don't expect to be brilliantly blonde after just one balayage session in the chair.

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My Tip to Get Better Color at Every Salon Visit

Want to know how to get more out of your hair color at every single salon visit?

Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo 
Use a clarifying shampoo before your visit. A clarifying shampoo lifts away anything standing in the way of great hair color. Things like product build-up, mineral deposits, chlorine, etc. make their way onto your hair and stay there, which get in the way of hair color when it is applied. This makes it harder for the hair color to do its job, making it more difficult for your stylist to do theirs. Think of a clarifying shampoo as a weekly detox for your hair. I recommend using a clarifying shampoo no more than once per week along with using it prior to your next hair color.

For my clients:

One of my fave clarifying shampoos, Unite Weekender Shampoo, is in-stock at the salon.

Unite Weekender Shampoo