My Tip to Get Better Color at Every Salon Visit

Want to know how to get more out of your hair color at every single salon visit?

Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo 
Use a clarifying shampoo before your visit. A clarifying shampoo lifts away anything standing in the way of great hair color. Things like product build-up, mineral deposits, chlorine, etc. make their way onto your hair and stay there, which get in the way of hair color when it is applied. This makes it harder for the hair color to do its job, making it more difficult for your stylist to do theirs. Think of a clarifying shampoo as a weekly detox for your hair. I recommend using a clarifying shampoo no more than once per week along with using it prior to your next hair color.

For my clients:

One of my fave clarifying shampoos, Unite Weekender Shampoo, is in-stock at the salon.

Unite Weekender Shampoo


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