Summer Break & My Top 5 Summer Hair Tips

A day at the beach is definitely on my family's summer checklist

This marks the first week of our summer break around here. My family and I made a summer checklist of all the fun things we want to do over the summer. I think every single item on the list involves being in the sun and outdoors. So, in addition to lathering my kiddos (and myself) up with sunscreen for our skin, I have a few other things that we will be doing to stay protected throughout summer.

The salon has been slow this week with a good portion of my clients out on vacations already and most of them will soon begin to see the effects of summer on their hair. Unfortunately, dry, brittle, chlorine-soaked strands are will start to wreak havoc on all the heads of hair that I worked so hard to whip into shape during the rest of the year. So to keep my clients (and your) hair in tip-top shape throughout the summer season, here are my top 5 summer hair tips:

1. Ban at least one blowout every week from your regimen. Give your hair a break from blow drying and thermal styling every so often and wear your hair in a cute side braid or even au natural. This will help keep your hair healthier and shinier this summer.

2. Weekly hair masks or treatments are a must! Whether you get one done in-salon or at-home, it doesn't matter much to me, just as long as you get one done. This high-caliber conditioning session is perfect for re-hydrating dry strands. One of my favorite at-home treatments is the Kerastase Masque Elixir Ultime. My clients can pick it up at the salon to use at home.

3. Keep your 6 week appointments on the books. Regular haircuts are necessary to keep hair strong and free of split ends. So don't slump when it comes to your summer hair appointments.

4. Shower before you swim. I'm not talking about a full-on shower but let your hair soak up some fresh, non-chlorinated water before your pony hits the pool. This will cut down on how much icky pool water your hair soaks up while swimming.

5. Sunscreen isn't just for your skin. The sun can cause premature fading or oxidation of your hair color, dryness and more. Try Pureology Anti-Fade Complex daily to prevent sun damage on your strands.


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