Anti-Aging Secrets from NYC Dermatologist

Want to know how to look younger instantly? Yep, me too! Lucky for us both I know some people who know some people and I was able to get some anti-aging secrets out of NYC dermatologist and founder of DDF Skincare, Dr. Howard Sobel!

First off, stop worrying about anything but your lips, hands and eyes right now! According to Dr. Sobel, these are the first spots we show early signs of aging...eek!

Ok, so here is what we can do to get our anti-aging fix like today...


As we head into winter, we really need to take care of our lips. Cracked, peeling lips are not healthy, youthful lips. Make sure you are hydrating, protecting and moisturizing them daily. I love the SPF lip balms from Sun Bum. They have cocoa butter to hydrate and SPF 30 to protect. I get a little extra help from plumping lip glosses like Too Faced Lip Injection. Muah!


A lack of moisture can seriously wreak havoc on our hands. Does anyone remember the horrific pictures in the gossip mags of Madonna's aging hands awhile back? It was horrifying! Use a hand moisturizer daily since frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer can dry out skin super fast. I like using a good old fashioned coconut oil or olive oil for around my cuticles and then I slather on a rich hand cream. Right now I'm loving the Pumpkin Body Butter from Trader Joes.


Dr. Sobel recommends using a prescription Retinol or non-prescription retinoid for anti-aging as well as caffeine for reducing puffiness. He also recommends using a product with Vitamin C. I happen to love his DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate as well as the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Eye Roll-On (it feels fabulous on puffy eyes). You can alternate using each of them every other day. Another one eye love (get it...I love) is the Image Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel which Melissa (our fabulous skincare specialist) sells at the salon.

My Fave New K Product & A Sneak Peak

It's the little things in life that make me happy....a new beauty product I love, a new business card design....both of which I'm sharing with you today!

It's no surprise that I love Kerastase. Carol Carey Couture Salon is the second salon I've been lucky enough to work at that features this amazing line of hair care. I do like to switch it up with the products I use, one reason being that I enjoy trying everything and the second reason being that I don't recommend anything to my clients without trying it out first. That being said, I am LOVING the new Kerastase Elixir Ultime Creme Fine.

Some of my clients my remember that I am also a huge fan of the original Elixir Ultime Hair Oil. This is like a lighter version of the hair oil that has multiple uses. You can put it on towel-dried hair and use it as a leave-in conditioner/shine enhancer/styling cream OR you can use it on dry hair as a finisher OR you can use it throughout the day to refresh your style, add shine and give your hair an AH-mazing fragrance. You can snag yours at the salon during your next visit!

On another note, I am LOVING my new business cards. It's always fun to switch things up a bit and one of my best friends, who happens to be an amazing photographer, designed the whole thing for me. Check her out at her website:

Redken Chromatics

I am so excited to share that I am now offering Redken Chromatics Hair Color for my clients! You may be wondering why that is so exciting.

TOP 5 REASONS redken chromatics are so fabulous

Breakthrough formula features protein extracts that penetrate deep into every strand, leaving hair 2X fortified vs. uncolored hair.

Say goodbye to that typical salon haircolor smell. The revolutionary Zero Ammonia formula means no odor, no discomfort—just amazing color.

3. 100% COVERAGE
I can cover your gray flawlessly while leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified.

Hair is infused with long-lasting color that’s radiant and multi-dimensional—never dull or flat.

Chromatics features an incredible range of shades including brilliant brunettes, vibrant reds and beautiful blondes, so I can continue to custom blend a Chromatics color that’s perfect for you just like I did with traditional Redken Fusion Hair Color.

I would love to see you for a Chromatics consultation if you are interested in switching up your salon color services. You can reach me at 925-513-1950 ext 703 to schedule an appointment. You can also book online by clicking the blue "book online" button on my website.

Masks & Martinis

Do you like martini's? Although I am a champagne girl through and through, I LOVE a good martini. That is why I jumped at the chance to feature a masks and martini themed blog post when Look Beauty contacted me recently.

My girlfriends and I get together at least a few times per month for trashy TV & wine nights but I thought it would be a fun option to switch it up with masks and martini's! I'm bringing a few of these Masque Bar options from Look Beauty and a really yummy cucumber martini recipe too!

        Here is my tried and true cucumber martini recipe if you want to try it for yourself:

Kristle's Cucumber Green Teani
2 oz citrus vodka
.75 oz green tea
Dash of simple syrup
Dash of lemon juice
2 slices of cucumber
1 piece of fresh ginger
1 pinch of sea salt

Directions: Muddle cucumber and ginger with a pinch of salt and simple syrup. Add the remaining ingredients and shake with cubed ice. Finely strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a thin slice of cucumber.

By the way, these masks are fabulous - I'm currently loving the green tea sheet mask! Snag them at $9.99 for 3 masks on

I hope this inspires you to have a fun girls night in soon too!