Anti-Aging Secrets from NYC Dermatologist

Want to know how to look younger instantly? Yep, me too! Lucky for us both I know some people who know some people and I was able to get some anti-aging secrets out of NYC dermatologist and founder of DDF Skincare, Dr. Howard Sobel!

First off, stop worrying about anything but your lips, hands and eyes right now! According to Dr. Sobel, these are the first spots we show early signs of aging...eek!

Ok, so here is what we can do to get our anti-aging fix like today...


As we head into winter, we really need to take care of our lips. Cracked, peeling lips are not healthy, youthful lips. Make sure you are hydrating, protecting and moisturizing them daily. I love the SPF lip balms from Sun Bum. They have cocoa butter to hydrate and SPF 30 to protect. I get a little extra help from plumping lip glosses like Too Faced Lip Injection. Muah!


A lack of moisture can seriously wreak havoc on our hands. Does anyone remember the horrific pictures in the gossip mags of Madonna's aging hands awhile back? It was horrifying! Use a hand moisturizer daily since frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer can dry out skin super fast. I like using a good old fashioned coconut oil or olive oil for around my cuticles and then I slather on a rich hand cream. Right now I'm loving the Pumpkin Body Butter from Trader Joes.


Dr. Sobel recommends using a prescription Retinol or non-prescription retinoid for anti-aging as well as caffeine for reducing puffiness. He also recommends using a product with Vitamin C. I happen to love his DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate as well as the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Eye Roll-On (it feels fabulous on puffy eyes). You can alternate using each of them every other day. Another one eye love (get it...I love) is the Image Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel which Melissa (our fabulous skincare specialist) sells at the salon.


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