Friendly PSA for 2017

Greetings Clients & Friends,

I would like to first take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage. I am continually grateful for each and every one of you! I want to let you all know that effective January 1, 2017, I will be implementing a small price adjustment for select services. This will be my first official increase on services since 2012. In the past several years, price of color, products, tools & rent have increased rapidly while my prices have stayed the same so bear with me while I adjust everything to accommodate these increases. Please see below for an updated service menu:

                Childrens (under 12) ~ $30
                Men’s ~ $35
                Women’s ~ $50
                Fringe Adjustment (bang trim) ~ FREE for existing clientele

Color Services
                Partial Highlight (partial top and around face) ~ $95+
                ¾ Highlight (top, around face, crown and sides) ~ $125+
                Full Highlight (entire head) ~ $150+
                Balayage (hand-painted, french-inspired hair color) ~ $175
                Color Touch-Up (within 6 weeks of last appointment) ~ $75
                Color (all-over or more than 6 weeks since last appointment) ~ $90
                Redken Chromatics Color Touch-Up (within 6 weeks) ~ $85
                Redken Chromatics Color All-Over ~ $95
                Color Gloss ~ $50
                Additional Color, Toner, Highlights or Lowlights with a color service ~ $30

Specialty Services
                Blow-Out ~ $40
                Blow-Out Tutorial ~ $50
                Kerastase Treatment ~ $30 (add-on to any service)
                Agave Smoothing Treatment (natural alternative to a Keratin) ~ $150

It is my goal as I continue to grow and see more clients that I will continue to exceed your needs for hair care. You will notice that I’ve added a few extras to the menu including a blow-out tutorial service. Please ask me about it at your next appointment! In addition, I am currently accepting new clients and I’d love some more just like you! Refer a new client to me and you’ll both receive $20 off your next color service! Your friend will receive $20 off their first service and you’ll receive $20 off your next service!

Thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

Warm regards,

Kristle Jones

Emma Roberts Oscar Party Makeup Tutorial

Every once in awhile, I get to feature some really fabulous beauty professionals in my work as a blogger and writer. I was so pleased to get the opportunity to highlight the very talented celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Andersen and the look she created last night for Emma Roberts at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. I thought Emma looked absolutely perfect and wanted to share how to recreate her look. Thank you Lauren for sharing your secrets...

Lauren’s Inspiration: Graphic glam.

Eyes: To create a modern look, she lined only the center of the lower lash line with Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner in Blackest Black and didn’t use any eyeshadow in order to create a more graphic look. She finished the eyes with Avon Big & False Lash Volume Mascara in Blackest Black.

Face: Lauren started with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. She added Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush and added Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Classic Aura.

Lip: She finished off the look by applying Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Ravishing Rose to her lips.

If you recreate this look, be sure to use the #kristlecouture so I can see it too!

Happy February!

Happy February! I adore February! Not only do we get to celebrate Valentine's Day this month, it just happens to be my anniversary with my hubby. And this year just happens to be our 10th anniversary! I can't believe it has already been a decade married to him!

Anyways, I digress from my topic today. I have got a lot of feedback from all of my clients lately on my tutorials that I have posted so far. A lot of you are asking for a blow dry tutorial which I will post very very soon. My question to you now is, what other tutorials are you looking for? I've created a fun little short survey to see what types of tutorials I can post soon. Please take a second to answer the survey so I can bring you some more tutorial goodness ASAP!


A Tease of a Tutorial

Did you like my play on words for my tutorial title? Maybe not. Anyways, I am seeing a lot of my clients trying to achieve a little lift but instead of getting that beautiful bump they are trying to achieve, they are getting limp locks that are left damaged from all the teasing attempts they tried. Here's the proper way to get some Texas hair without any breakage:

A Tease of a Tutorial:

Things You'll Need:

A Teasing Comb or Brush
A Boar Bristle Brush or a Brush for Smoothing (I have been known to use a round brush a time or two when I'm in a pinch)

The Step-by-Step:

I began this whole look by curling my hair into soft, loose curls before teasing. That tutorial can be seen here. You can also use straight hair or hair that has been curled into somewhat tighter curls.

Start off by sectioning off a somewhat thin section at your crown. See here...

Then, you'll want to pull the section straight up and insert your teasing tool of choice a few inches from your scalp like so...

With the teeth of your comb or brush through your hair, pull the comb downward and only downward towards your scalp to create a base.

Repeat those same steps, inserting your comb or brush slightly higher each time. This should leave you with a solid, teased base.

Your section of hair should look like Cindy-Lou Who or something similar to this:

Repeat all the previous steps on another section directly behind the first. Maybe take one more section after that, just to be sure you'll have a nice rounded bump.

You can repeat the same steps on your front sections or your bangs like I did here:

Finally, take your hairspray and spray lightly all over and then smooth everything over with your boar bristle brush making sure not to brush out all that teasing underneath.

You should be left with some va-va-va volume like this. You can leave it as is or use this as a starter to an updo.

Thankful for Sweet Clients Like You!

My job doesn't every really feel like a job. I get paid every day to talk with people whom I enjoy being around, I get to create new hairstyles for them and every once-in-a-while, a really really great day comes along. Last fall I had another one of those really really great days. I got a call from our local newspaper telling me that my clients had voted for me (for the 3rd year in a row!) and I won Best Hairstylist! Not only that, but I had also won the award for Best Hair Colorist as well! I am truly blessed, grateful and humbled to win this award again for 2015. I made little treats to thank all of you for voting...I hope you all got to take one home!

Thank you again Brentwood!

5 Hair Products (and Tools) to Try This Month

I feel like January is a fresh start. We are the first month into the new year, many of us have made resolutions or are in the middle of cleanses ::raises hand:: or maybe January just gives us the chance for a restart. I thought this January would be the perfect time to give my clients some recommendations of fresh, new (and some not-so-new) products to try out this month. Here is what I'm using this month and what I recommend for you!

First, we have an oldy but a goody...Kerastase Elixir Ultime is one I have used on and off for years on both myself and my clients. I am bringing it back and it will be on my station this month as I combat the dry and dull hair that winter sometimes brings.

Second is a new dry shampoo I am experimenting with for an upcoming project I have going on (more about that later!). It is called reFRESHDry Shampoo. It smells divine and works just as well as my usual favorites. As a matter of fact, it got me through my day 4 of not washing my hair today!

Next is the Pureology Dry Conditioner. If I've gotten any of you addicted to dry shampoo, you'll LOVE this dry conditioner. It tames flyaways and adds lightweight moisture to ends. I'm loving it and I know you will too!

Then we have the Marilyn New Yorker brush. I can't say enough good things about this brush! It is a boar bristle brush and smoothes and tames even the craziest of hair!

Finally, these Goody Spin Pins are a lifesaver. For anyone who likes their hair styled up, these things will be your new BFF! I use them all the time when doing weddings or upstyles.

I hope these fun, new products make your January even better too!

Soft Curl Tutorial: Melissa Gorga Copycat Hair

When I am working behind-the-chair and have my hair curled, I get a lot of questions and comments about my hairstyle. Many of my clients want their hair styled just like this and most want to know how they can re-create the look at home. This easy tutorial is going to help you achieve that soft, loose curl that I wear so often; it is a look that Melissa Gorga wears a lot too!

Melissa Gorga Soft Curl Tutorial:
Products I used: 


I started with next day hair and then used...
1. Redken Control Addict 28 Hairspray
2. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Crème
3. Redken Rewind 06 Styling Paste
4. Hot Tools Curling Iron size 1 3/4" barrel


First you'll want to section off your hair into three sections. The first section should be your bang area, the second section can be created by parting your hair from around ear to ear.

You should end up with two sections that are clipped away from the rest of your hair. It should look something like this...

Ok, so now we've got our sections and we are going to prep the hair using Redken Control Addict Hairspray (or any hair spray of your preference). Spray each section lightly before curling with your curling iron and never mind that I decided to look miserable in all these photos. I promise I'm really happy!

Taking 1-2" sections, curl your hair away from your face towards the back of your head. I always have my curling iron on the highest heat setting but if you have fine or fragile hair, I recommend a medium heat setting.

Continue spraying and curling 1-2" sections around the perimeter of your head.

Once you have curled the entire bottom section, let down your middle section of hair from the clip and repeat the same steps.

For your final section, the bangs, you'll want to separate the bangs into two sections and then curl each side separately. Again, putting the curling iron in horizontally and curling (at an angle) toward the back of your head like so...

After curling each side, I simply mixed together my Redken Rewind Styling Paste and my Kerastase Elixir Ultime (you may use any type of finishing cream combined with a shine serum) on my fingertips and raked my fingers through my hair to loosen up the curl and twisted pieces together as needed to get the look.

Voila! That's it and see, I told you I was happy!

This is a great style for any day and ends up looking really pretty the following day as well for those of you who only wash occasionally like me. If you are feeling greasy with next day hair, I highly recommend prepping with a dry shampoo at your roots as well. My current fave is the L'Oreal Fresh Dust.

If you happen to re-create this look, take a selfie and use the #kristlecouture so I can see you!