A Tease of a Tutorial

Did you like my play on words for my tutorial title? Maybe not. Anyways, I am seeing a lot of my clients trying to achieve a little lift but instead of getting that beautiful bump they are trying to achieve, they are getting limp locks that are left damaged from all the teasing attempts they tried. Here's the proper way to get some Texas hair without any breakage:

A Tease of a Tutorial:

Things You'll Need:

A Teasing Comb or Brush
A Boar Bristle Brush or a Brush for Smoothing (I have been known to use a round brush a time or two when I'm in a pinch)

The Step-by-Step:

I began this whole look by curling my hair into soft, loose curls before teasing. That tutorial can be seen here. You can also use straight hair or hair that has been curled into somewhat tighter curls.

Start off by sectioning off a somewhat thin section at your crown. See here...

Then, you'll want to pull the section straight up and insert your teasing tool of choice a few inches from your scalp like so...

With the teeth of your comb or brush through your hair, pull the comb downward and only downward towards your scalp to create a base.

Repeat those same steps, inserting your comb or brush slightly higher each time. This should leave you with a solid, teased base.

Your section of hair should look like Cindy-Lou Who or something similar to this:

Repeat all the previous steps on another section directly behind the first. Maybe take one more section after that, just to be sure you'll have a nice rounded bump.

You can repeat the same steps on your front sections or your bangs like I did here:

Finally, take your hairspray and spray lightly all over and then smooth everything over with your boar bristle brush making sure not to brush out all that teasing underneath.

You should be left with some va-va-va volume like this. You can leave it as is or use this as a starter to an updo.


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