Friday Favorites Friday September 1, 2017

I'm so excited to share my favorites with you for my first "Friday Favorites". There are always sooo many products and tools I want to share with my clients and one of my sweet clients suggested I put it right on my website & blog that's exactly what I'm going to do!

First off, this Divine 100% boar bristle brush from Olivia Garden is EVERYTHING! I use it to smooth hair into a pony, brush through curls for a soft wave and my girls LOVE it for brushing their own hair because it doesn't tug or pull. It is far better than any boar bristle brush I've used and anyone I have used it on has said the same!

Second, I truly do love Kerastase! I hope you do too! Not only does Kerastase smell divine, it is one of my favorite luxe products to use. This particular product, the Fluidissime spray is an absolute must for taming wild hair. I use it to smooth out anyone with naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair after using the sister shampoo and conditioner in the same line. It is absolute magic in the hair and will leave your frizzy, curly hair smooth, shiny and smelling fabulous! You can pick it up at the salon!

Give the Gift of Great Hair

Many of you are looking to give a gift card for my services and I'm thrilled to announce that now you can!

The gift of great hair is perfect for birthdays, an anniversary, get-well soon gift, grad gift and more!

Click on this link to give the gift of great hair today! As always I am very thankful for your referrals and make sure to treat all my new guests well and give them the best hair ever!

Here is the link once again for those of you looking for the perfect gift...

Why You Should Pre-Book Your Appointments

Most of my clients pre-book their appointments with me, which is wonderful for both my client and myself. What does pre-book mean? It means they make their next appointment for 4-6 weeks out before they leave our salon. Why is this important? Let me first explain what happens when you don't pre-book...

You leave the salon loving your fresh new 'do. You go home and about a  month later you realize your regrowth (roots) are growing in and its time for another appointment. You get busy or perhaps I have a busy/booked schedule and you then you don't get in for quite awhile. Maybe it's 8 weeks...maybe 10...maybe more. Nonetheless, more than 6 weeks have passed since your last appointment and your roots are bad and we finally have the opportunity to color your hair.

Now you are leaving the salon and you notice that your hair has some inconsistencies to it or some banding through your color. This isn't some weird color fluke. This is because at that 6 week or less appointment, we can color your fresh hair growth at its peak. Once it has grown out a bit more, the area to color is too large and can create inconsistencies thanks to things like product build-up and the fact that some of that regrowth is farther away from the scalp which means it won't heat up from your body heat the same as the regrowth that is close to the scalp will leaving you with an inconsistent color. Thanks to your body heat coming off your scalp, hair color can react differently in the different growth zones.

So bottom line is that if you want award-winning hair, you need to be consistent. Make sure to pre-book your appointments 4-6 weeks out for regular color touch-ups.

*Balayage color is a low-maintenance lightening option for those who aren't concerned about covering gray and don't want to come in as often. Ask me about balayage at your next appointment.


I am thrilled to be working with my favorite salon tool company, Olivia Garden. I have had the opportunity to help design a number of items including brushes and a stylist bag. Some of you may remember me taking a couple days to do a video and photo shoot for the new iStyle and Speed XL brushes. I styled all the hair and acted as the on-air stylist for all the videos and photos. Take a look at the videos below and see what you think. Next up, I am flying up to Seattle with Olivia Garden to educate other stylists on how to use these fabulous brushes.